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Business Mileage Deduction Disallowed

Aug 24, 2020 | Larry | Uncategorized

This recent tax court case nixing the business mileage deduction for a taxpayer illustrates the importance of documenting your business expenses. Theron E Johnson, Petitioner v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Respondent T.C. Memo, 2020-79, 6/8.20

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Covid-19 Update

Mar 24, 2020 | Larry | Uncategorized

With the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, many people are worried about going out in public, and especially face-to-face meetings. Taxes are no exception. For years, Shotland Tax Consulting has been preparing tax returns for their clients across Mont

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Aug 15, 2018 | Larry | 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, Uncategorized

INDIVIDUAL CHANGES These changes do not apply to corporations and partnerships.They are applicable to anyone who files a 1040 Individual Income Tax Return – The personal exemption for filers and dependents of $4050 each has been eliminated. -Th

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Affordable Care Act

Dec 26, 2014 | Larry | Uncategorized

Much has been written about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare and its effects on taxes. Misinformation, scare tactics, and to an extent, a feeding frenzy among the tax preparer industry have ensued. The result is fear and confusion. This a

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