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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Effective planning is key to reducing tax liability.  In today’s tough economy, it is even more critical, because although income growth may be stagnant, deductible expenses remain.  Thus, deductions become ever more valuable in the ever-changing landscape.

At Shotland Tax Consulting, we believe that you as a taxpayer deserve every deduction for which you are legally entitled.  We will work with you to uncover deductions in order to minimize your tax liability.

It is our goal to provide exceptional service to our clients.  We believe that a productive relationship need not be limited to one brief yearly encounter.  Examples of our approach include the following services.  A blog and email updates when there is tax legislation or news that may affect the taxpayer.  Every December, we send an annual end-of-year newsletter which includes tax planning information.  Further, throughout the year, Larry Shotland is available for consultation and tax planning.